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London, United Kingdom

02 November, 2020

Parking Mate UK

02 November, 2020

As one in three of us gets a ticket every year, I'm sure you'll find this article very useful when it comes to knowing how to write a parking ticket appeal letter. Whther you are challenging a private parking ticket - parking charge notice or a council fine - penalty charge notice, we provide apps to help you understand your options and write better appeals. If there is a legal reason to get your ticket cancelled, we will help you find it.

If you are issued a parking ticket for private land, it is important to use the private parking appeal app to write your letter and challenge the parking ticket. If the parking fine was issued by a local authority, such as a council, the vehicle keeper is responsible for paying and appealing it. A fine issued by your local council or Transport for London (TfL) by post must be sent within 28 days.

If you have a parking ticket, you must pay or appeal, it's the only way to get them cancelled. If your appeal fails, the fine stated in your notice must be paid to your to a private parking company, local authority or Transport for London (TfL) via their parking ticket payment website.

You can choose not to pay your parking ticket and the parking company will decide whether it is worth taking you to court. If you do not want to take them to court, you can pay the parking ticket in advance and they will not pay the fine.

How you appeal depends on what type of parking ticket you have, what's on the ticket before you start and evidence produced. You can appeal by yourself, but it's often easier to use a specialist app like Parking Mate UK because it will guide you through the steps and help you avoid silly mistakes.

With 14 million tickets issued in 2019, the simple truth is that, if all drivers appeal their parking ticket, the parking companies would simply not cope with the demand and most appeals would win. Drivers also have nothing to lose because, if you appeal for free and the appeal fails, you can still pay the discount amount.

There are many reasons why private parking fines can be appealed, but the most common are:

1. Poor signage
2. Ticket not issued within 14 days
3. The operator doesn't have authority to issue tickets
4. You made a simple mistake in entering the vehicle registration
5. The parking company has simply not issued a ticket correctly

All these defences are based on the law and rules that operators should follow for example the BPA Operator Code of Practice. However, most people don't know these rules and therefore operators simply get away with it. The Parking Mate UK app would ask you specifically if your parking ticket was issued in 14 days for private parking.

Similarly, there are various rules and laws that local councils and tfl should follow when managing penalty charge notices. Common defences we use are:
1. The penalty charge notice was issued after 28 days
2. There is no signage to prove that the contravention occurred
3. The evidence provided doesn't prove that the contravention happened
4. Missing information in the penalty charge notice

All these rules and conditions are included in the parking ticket appeal letter app and you simply need to select the right options. If you receive a parking ticket, do not hesitate to write your free appeal using our app. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Video Transcript

We want to show you how to appeal Parking Fines in London and win for free?

Dealing with parking fines no longer has to be stressful. What if there was an free way to appeal?

We show you how to find mistakes with your penalty charge notice and win using our appeal letters

So how do you appeal your penalty charge notice PCN in 5 minutes and what are the best defences?

Use our smart appeals app to Enter your PCN details, Select the best defences & Generate your letter

We show you how to write a parking ticket appeal letter template that gets your ticket cancelled

If you follow our step by step guide, the parking companies will treat you seriously

Do you know how to appeal private parking tickets for free using the Parking Mate UK app?

With 9.8 million tickets issued in 2019 and less than 1% appealed, most people simply don't bother

Paying your parking ticket early is never a good idea because you have nothing to lose

If you send an appeal and its not upheld, you will still be able to pay the discount amount anyway

Common mistakes with private parking tickets include being issued after 14 days ...

Why pay your parking ticket when you don't have to? The Parking Mate App helps you find mistakes

Can you ignore parking tickets and get away with it?

No, Private parking tickets ending up as court claims and councils instruct bailiffs, so act now!

Write your parking ticket appeal in 5 minutes, you have nothing to lose

70% of our customers write an appeal in 5 minutes or less. Less is more when you know your rights.

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